Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 
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WBF official Laws of Duplicate 2017 
  The following are copies taken from WBF site  and published here to help bridge community. 
  These are only copies, have no legal status and not  substitute for official Laws of W B F. 
  For reference regarding disputes, decisions, etc, the official  W B F Laws alone are to be used.

  In Jan 2019, WBF Law commeiittee published commentaries on 53 out of 93 laws
  effective: January 2019.  Hereunder, We have added those commentaries. 
  Opening page   
  Preface    +   WBFLC Commentary  on preface and introduction  
  Table of contents  
  Law 1 The Pack    WBF LC commentary  
  Law 2 Duplicate Packs   WBF LC commentary  
  Law 3 Arrangement of Tables   
  Law 4 Partnerships  

  Law 5 Assignment of seats  
  Law 06 The Shuffle and Deal    WBF LC commentary  
  Law 07 Control of Boards and cards    WBF LC commentary  
  Law 08 Sequence of Rounds  
  Law 09 Procedure following an irregularity    WBF LC Commentary  
  Law 10 Assessment of Rectification.pdf    Law 10/11 WBF LC Commentary  
  Law 11 Forfieture of the Right to Rectification   
  Law 12 Director's Discretionary Powers    Law 12 Commentary  
  Law 13 Incorrect number of cards    Law 13 commentary  
  Law 14 Missing cards  Law 14 Commentary  
  Law 15 Wrong Board or Hand  Law 15 Commentary  
  Law 16 Authorized and Unauthorized information  Law 16 commentary  
  Law 17 The Auction period  Law 17 Commentary  
  Law 18 The Bids  
  Law 19 Doubles and Redoubles   
  Law 20 Review and explanation of calls    Law 20 commentary  
  Law 21 Misinformation  Law 21 Commentary  
  Law 22 End of Auction   
  Law 23 Comparable call    Law 23 commentary  
  Law 24 Card exposed or led during Auction    Law 24 commentary  
  Law 25 Legal and illegal changes of call    Law 25 commentary   
  Law 26 Call withdrawn, Lead restrictions    Law 26 Commentary  
  Law 27 Insufficient Bid    Law 27 Commentary  
  Law 28 Calls considered to be in Rotation    Law 28 commentary  
  Law 29 Procedure after a call out of Rtation  Law 29 commentary  
  Law 30 Pass out of Rotation    Law 30 commentary  
  Law 31 Bid out of Rotation    Law 31  commentary  
  Law 32 Double or Redouble out of Rotation  Law 32  commentary  
  Law 33 Simultaneous call  
  Law 34 Retention of Right to call  
  Law 35 Inadmissible calls  
  Law 36 Inadmissible Doubles and Redoubles  
  Law 37 Action violating obligation to pass  
  Law 38 Bid of more than seven  
  Law 39 Call after the final Pass  
  Law 40 Partnership understandings    Law 40  commentary  
   Law 41 - Commencement of play.pdf    Law 41. commentary  
  Law 42 - Dummy's Rights    Law 42  commentary  
  Law 43 Dummy's limitations    Law  43  commentary  
  Law 44 Sequence and procedure of play   
  Law 45 Card played    Law 45. commentary  
  Law 46 Incomplete or invalid designation of a card from dummy    Law 46 commentary  
  Law 47 Retraction of a card played  Law  47  commentary  
  Law 48 Exposure of declarer's cards  
  Law 49 Exposure of a defender's cards   
  Law 50 Disposition of a penalty card    Law  50 commentary  
   Law 51 - Two or more penalty cards.pdf  
  Law 52 Failure to lead or play a penalty card  
  Law 53 Lead out of turn accepted    Laws 53 &  55  commentary  
  Law 54 Faced opening lead out of turn  
  Law 55 Declarer's lead out of turn  
  Law 56 Defendar's lead out of turn  
  Law 57 Premature lead or play    Law 57  commentary .
  Law 58 Simultaneous leads or plays    Law  58  commentary  
  Law 59 Inability to lead or play as required  
  Law 60 Play after an illegal play  
  Law 61 Failure to follow suit - Inquires concerning a Revoke  Law 61 commentary  
  Law 62 Correction of a Revoke    Law 62  commentary  
  Law 63 Establishment of a Revoke    Law 63 commentary  
  Law 64 Procedure after establishment of a Revoke    Law 64  commentary  
  Law 65 Arrangement of Tricks    Law 65  commentary  
  Law 66 Inspection of Tricks  
  Law 67 Defective Trick      Law 67  commentary  
  Law 68 Claim or Concession of Tricks    Law 68  commentary  
  Law 69 Agreed claim or concession    Law 69  commentary  
  Law 70 Contested claim or concession    Law 70  commentary  
  Law 71 Concession cancelled  
  Law 72 General Principles  
  Law 73 Communication, Tempo and Deception  
  Law 74 Conduct and Etiquette  
  Law 75 Mistaken explanation or Mistaken call  
  Law 76 Spectators   
  Law 77 Duplicate Bridge scoring table  
  Law 78 Methods of scoring and conditions of contest  
  Law 79 Tricks won    Law  79  commentary  
  Law 80 Regulation and organization    Law  80  commentary  
  Law 81 The Director      Law  81  commentary  
  Law 82 Rectification of errors of procedure    Law  82  commentary  
  Law 83 Notification of the Right to Appeal  
  Law 84 Rulings on agreed facts  
  Law 85 Rulings on disputed facts  
  Law 86 Team play    Law  86  commentary  
  Law 87 Fouled Board    Law  87  commentary  
  Law 88 Award of Indemnity Points  
  Law 89 Rectification in Individual events  
  Law 90  Procedural penalties  
  Law 91 Penalize or Suspend  
  Law 92 Right to Appeal      Law  92  commentary  
  Law 93 Procedures of Appeal    Law  93  commentary